A new Terraform module for serverless load balancing

As you can see from the code snippet above, it takes just a few lines of configuration to set up a managed TLS certificate, deploy your own TLS certificate(s), enable CDN, and define Identity-Aware Proxy or Cloud Armor security policies.

Harnessing the power of Terraform

With this new Terraform module, you can take deployment automation to the next level by taking advantage of HCL syntax and Terraform features.

For example, a common use case for using global load balancers is to serve traffic from multiple regions. However, automating deployment of your app to 20+ regions and keeping your load balancer configuration up-to-date may require a nontrivial amount of bash scripting. This is where Terraform shines!

In this next example, we deploy a Cloud Run app to all available regions and add them behind a global load balancer. To do that, we simply create a variable named regions that holds the list of deployment locations.

Then, we create a Cloud Run service (and its network endpoint group), using the for_each syntax:

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