In all walks of life there is this notion of getting what we are worth. A very egocentric concept. It’s this very focus that can undermine ones effectiveness in the marketplace. Our focus on our own wants and needs blinds us to the wants and needs of those we serve as marketers. You have to get this. The more you serve the more you will make

The Law Of Value

The well known acronym AIDA which stands for Attention Interest Desire & Action is at the center of much discourse with respect to the marketing discipline. Much has been written, talked about and taught concerning how to get person a to give person b money. We focus on strategies for getting ones attention. We look at
layouts, color schemes. Settings and image and text layouts. We talk about copy writing and how skill in this area makes a giant difference in how successful one is in separating people from their hard earned scrilla yo (money) :).

Per this what if I were to tell you that there is this secret magical law that can overcome any number of marketing skill deficiencies you may have. It’s so powerful that when our markets start to believe that perception is reality and ignore this key aspect of any market then reality speaks up and says, hey you got a second? And then all hell breaks lose. One of my mentors, Frank Andres said I suck at sales, I hate the whole sales process, I couldn’t write a blog to save my life, my email marketing is competent at best, I’m not a great blogger, I am not a great copywriter … But guess what? He Is fire at providing value. He kills it on every level. He, himself attributes his 7 figure income to it.

This law focuses on how much more you give in value than you take in payment. Your true worth is measured by how many people you have provided value to. Stated succinctly , what you give is directly related to what you receive.

We easily share what we value

Our industry is filled with ads about how much one can make if they participate. Short timelines, amazing results, my amazing life and what it will be like in just a short while oh my! You are left asking how can I get folks to get on board with my success plan. What they will receive in return is just a small detail. You end up working with whatever it is. Even if it’s, largely worthless, we still put in effort because there is a whole bunch of social proof that others made it  ork.Testimonials upon testimonials. Yeah baby let’s do this. And then comes the question , now what are we doing?
I know that, at some point, this was once the siren song that got you hooked. I
remember years ago reading and eBay ad for an adsense site. I was going to be rich. They never said that, by the way, Google is going to despise and hate everything we are about to tell you to do with this site, you will be out of the adsense business soon and you will never make a lot of money with it. That said, I know that some do very well with it because they are working in concert with Google’s goals for the program itself.  Google appreciates the value that they bring and they are rewarded handsomely for it.

The Law Is Simple

 The law is both simple and efficient. It lets you overcome some of your AIDA-marketing-theory deficiencies, maybe even a lot of them, and be successful. I participated in FBA for a while to the tune of 5 to 7K per month in sales in a pretty short time. It was easy because I just looked for what everyone was buying and then worked like hell to get that inventory on my (Amazon’s) shelves. Other factors like margins and the volatility of Amazon itself caused my search for greener pastures. Bottom line is that when you have something people want and need then the marketing is much less complex. We all enjoy marketing. Yes I said it. You get an awesome burger at a new pub and no one can stop you from telling everyone you know about it. Or you found someone that did not watch Game of Thrones and you cannot help but sell them on how great the series was give or take a few episodes in the last season :).  In many cases people are very happy that you told them about it. They are still excied to see you when you come around…


A lot of opportunities focus on selling to the affiliate. The product is cash and success. 75% of the sales page is to sell you on the possibilities of making money and being successful. That’s great but what is the product? How do I present it to my customer. In some cases I’m not even sure what the product is.
Avoid these and focus on things that, simply, have value and then provide heaping
shovels of it to your customers.

David Gilmore