How Greenwheels is helping to make towns more livable with an innovative car sharing platform

Connecting families and spreading joy with green mobility solutions

The green ethos is embedded in our name and in our DNA, but there’s more to what we do than helping to clean the air and clear space for parks and playgrounds. Ultimately, our goal is to help people enjoy the important things in life, such as connecting with family and making kids happy.

We’re proud to bring mobility to people who can’t afford a car, so they can visit loved ones in the countryside whenever they wish. One of the use cases we like most: more and more parents are using Greenwheels to take kids to soccer practice on rainy days when it’s too wet to cycle to the pitch.

We also feel a keen responsibility to help communities during COVID-19. When we reduced our prices for health workers, hundreds of medical staff used our service in thousands of journeys to their essential jobs. Our cars helped doctors and nurses get to night shifts when public transport ran at minimum capacity, with a train every two hours instead of 10 minutes. Emergency workers used our cars to make themselves ready to help, wherever and whenever they were needed.

Strategic partnerships to build a greener future

Today, we’re accelerating our journey in green mobility with new innovations. And Google Maps Platform will be with us every step of the way. One key project is peer-to-peer solutions, where individuals can offer their own car under the Greenwheels brand. We’re also working with property developers to create multimodal transportation hubs, enabling networks of cars, bicycles, and scooters to optimize journeys. 

Our journey to green success has been fueled by our partnerships with the Google Maps Platform team and Localyse. Our fun brainstorming sessions enable us to keep discovering unexpected ways to deploy Google Maps Platform products, and keep evolving our solution.

It’s all about being open to new ways of thinking creatively about APIs and how they can help us achieve our goals. In our regular strategy meetings with Localyse, we share our challenges and opportunities, and together, discover the way forward. It’s a meeting of the minds to invent new mobility solutions, and we see a future of possibilities ahead.

For more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.

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