New Cinematic photos and more ways to relive your Memories

The holidays are always a great time to reflect on what really matters—for me, that’s my family, both near and back home in Europe. With Memories in Google Photos, I’m able to relive the moments—big and small—I’ve shared with my loved ones. Memories surfaces things like the  best photos of me and my son, family vacations and holidays from previous years, and even highlights from the past few days hanging out around the house.

Over the next month, you’ll start to see your Memories brought to life with Cinematic photos, updated collage designs and new features that highlight some of your favorite activities.

Relive the moment with Cinematic photos

Cinematic photos help you relive your memories in a way that feels more vivid and realistic—so you feel like you’re transported back to that moment. To do this, we use machine learning to predict an image’s depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene—even if the original image doesn’t include depth information from the camera. Then we animate a virtual camera for a smooth panning effect—just like out of the movies.

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