Population health analytics with Google Cloud and OHDSI

Benefits of ATLAS on Google Cloud

Odysseus in partnership with Google Cloud provides users with the infrastructure for these open source tools. This means users no longer need to be concerned with the storage of their data, the management of databases or the scalability of their workloads since autoscaling, and managed products take care of this. Using Google Cloud with OHDSI tools allows users to shift their focus from implementations to insights in a cost effective manner. 

Per a recent analysis by Stanford Medicine, ATLAS performs significantly better running on BigQuery than on traditional databases:

“We present the performance of Google BigQuery…we compare Oracle vs BigQuery and show that BigQuery is 10-100x faster…​In nearly all cases (for Postgres), the performance of ATLAS is comparable or faster when using BigQuery.”1


ATLAS is free, publicly available, web based, open source software created by the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) community. Odysseus, one of the ATLAS developers and an active OHDSI community participant, collaborated with Google Cloud to enable GCP BigQuery support. This has enabled ATLAS to be deployed on GCP platforms in multiple healthcare organizations. These academic and healthcare institutions are now active participants in the scientific medical research conducted by the OHDSI community.

With these tools, we can improve our ability to share health insights and learnings across disciplines, departments, sectors and geographies, to improve outcomes. 

Google Cloud’s Commitment to Healthcare Data and Research

Google Cloud has long supported the healthcare research community from health researchers  to biomedical scientists to policy makers.  Google Cloud has enabled open source tools, built unique product offerings, and created strong partnerships with leading public and private sector organizations to advance healthcare research.  Researchers, enterprises, and government entities choose Google Cloud to advance their research goals due to our strong security and reliability, our data analytics, and our cutting edge ML/AI capabilities.

In addition to our new partnership with OHDSI, Google Cloud provides the basis for other open source data platforms such as Terra, developed by Verily and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and we have longstanding partnerships with research focused organizations such as Tempus, Schrodinger, and Clear Labs.  In addition, we have worked closely with the National Institutes of Health, and have enabled Accenture’s INTIENT platform on Google Cloud.

1. Stanford Medicine – Datta, Somalee, et al. Mar 17 2020.

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