Ruby comes to Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions, Google Cloud’s Function as a Service (FaaS) offering, is a lightweight compute platform for creating single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to events, without having to manage a server or runtime environment. Cloud functions are a great fit for serverless, application, mobile or IoT backends, real-time data processing systems, video, image and sentiment analysis and even things like chatbots, or virtual assistants.

Today we’re bringing support for Ruby, a popular, general-purpose programming language, to Cloud Functions. With the Functions Framework for Ruby, you can write idiomatic Ruby functions to build business-critical applications and integration layers. And with Cloud Functions for Ruby, now in Preview, you can deploy functions in a fully managed Ruby 2.6 or Ruby 2.7 environment, complete with access to resources in a private VPC network. Ruby functions scale automatically based on your load. You can write HTTP functions to respond to HTTP events, and CloudEvent functions to process events sourced from various cloud and Google Cloud services including Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage and Firestore.

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