Year in review & 2021 marketing predictions

While marketers have been talking about the importance of mass personalization for a while, few have made it a reality. But over the next year and beyond, the technologies that can make this type of personalization happen at scale will become more mainstream, thinks Kat DeBartolomeis, a creative activation manager on Google’s Media Lab team.

“YouTube’s Director Mix is a nifty tool that layers video elements, meaning advertisers can tailor over 240 versions of the same six- or 15-second ad,” she explains. “We’ve seen these types of ads perform twice as well as generic branded assets.”

Angela Zhou, who works on Google’s ads marketing team, predicts something similar will happen on the B2B side. “The term “account-based marketing,” when marketing and sales personalize engagement with high-value accounts, will simply disappear from our vocabulary, because soon all B2B marketing will be taking this highly personalized approach,” she says.

What does that mean for marketers in 2021? “It will likely put pressure on organizations to invest more heavily in marketing technology,” Zhou warns. “Personalization at scale starts with data, and so much data today is trapped in organizational silos. Companies will soon be challenged to invest in the right tools and infrastructure so marketers and sellers can truly take a coordinated approach.”

9. Selling health and happiness will capture Gen Z hearts and minds

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